Little Miss Stacy: Day 2

Toda is the day when I handle the largest cutting: the sides of the boat. The outline was a bit difficult to achieve with smooth curved lines, so I used straight lines between every foot marker and then sanded them smooth after cutting. I also cut one strip of 1×1 to use as the edging, but it was difficult to bend into the exact curve of the side profile. I considered building a steam box to help with wood bending, but considering these are the only pieces which need bending, I didn’t think another $100 is needed for this. Instead I’m going to cut the strips down to 5/8″ instead of 3/4″ and that should bend nicely. Thanks to Paul Elkins for that tip!

Church Sound Booth Design

I am very involved in my local church, and specifically the technology solutions. It’s been a long desire for our church to relocate our sound booth from an upstairs loft down onto the ground floor. I was asked to create a design for this given only the floor space dimensions which are allowed to be occupied by this new fixture.