Ground School – Week 4
March 26, 2023

Ground School – Week 4

Another week, another new group of studies. This week I received my Jeppesen Private Pilot FAA Airmen Knowledge Test Guide, which I bought a used copy for less than $7. I spent some time starting to test myself on subjects which I already completed in the ground school, just as airplane systems. I felt good about it since I was getting nearly all of those questions correct.

Once I finish up the rest of the Sporty’s Learn To Fly Online ground school (which I expect to next week), then I’ll move into a written test prep time. I have a few practice tests available to me through the Sporty’s portal. I’ll go through the Jeppesen test guide first, maybe even two times, then move over to the Sporty’s practice tests. Sporty’s will issue me an endorsement after two practice tests above 80%, but there’s a lot of prep they recommend to become confident with my knowledge. They have a Study Prep guide ( which I’ll also follow before taking those practice tests.

  • Your Dual Cross-Country
    • Tablets in the Cockpit
    • The Dual Cross-Country Flight
    • VFR Flight Following
    • Normal Airspace
    • Special Use Airspace
    • Airspace Preflight Planning
  • Your Solo Cross Countries
    • ATC Radar Services
    • Magnetic Compass
    • Finding a Smooth Ride
    • Performance Charts
    • Flying to a Towered Airport
    • Max Performance Takeoffs and Landings
    • ADS-B
    • FARs
    • Cloud Formations
    • Atmospheric Stability
    • Winds Aloft, AIRMETs, and SIGMETs
    • The ACS
    • Basic Instrument Flying
    • Flying Out of Trouble