Ground School – Week 3
March 19, 2023

Ground School – Week 3

Ok this week was definitely slower than the rest thanks to VFR flight planning and navlogs. On Wednesday, I could barely get through one online module because of all the back and forth I was doing with my sectional, POH, E6B, various weather sites, and online learning. I was trying to exercise an attempt to complete a navlog for a fiticous trip from Clearview (2W2) to Luray Caverns Airport (LUA), mostly because it was the furthest away airport I could find using my plotter. I wanted to make sure that I understand how to determine the values for every field on the navlog, and boy did I go down a rabbit hole.

And then I noticed something that made my put my papers down…. After completing the navlog, I realized that the airspeed values in my POH are mostly listed in MILES PER HOURS, where I made all the calculations using knots…. sigh…. Look, I know it’s not that big of a deal since the conversion difference is small, but I was really proud that I completed the navlog, and then to realize that every final value was wrong, lol, oh lawd. I spoke with my CFI today about it and he assured me that simply completing that much of the navlog is already being pretty well prepared for the written. That did reassure me.

Another topic I really enjoyed was VORs and DME. I think what I liked most about it was the technology and that it seemed to come easily to me. We’ll see how I do with VOR navigation then 😎

So where’s what I covered this week:

  • Your Dual Cross-Country
    • Understanding Time Zones
    • Flight Planning and FAA Test Prep with the Sporty’s E6B
    • Flight Planning Part 1: Plotting a Course
    • Flight Planning Part 2: Preparing a Navlog
    • Cross Country Flight Planning with a iPad
    • Leaving Yourself an “Out”
    • VOR Navigation
    • Global Positioning System (GPS)
    • Glass Cockpit Flight Instruments
    • Airport Services
    • Air Masses and Fronts
    • Weather Information Services
    • Weather Forecasts and PIREPS